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   The Tancrede Swim Challenge began six years ago in July, 2016 when 11-year old Tancrede Roy of Boston, Massachusetts became the youngest person to swim the Straights of Messina, from Sicily to the Italian mainland.  From a grassroots initiative that supported local children with Down Syndrome, the Tancrede Swim Challenge is now in its sixth year, with many swimmers, increased press coverage and fundraising.        Initially, it only raised money for children with Down Syndrome, but two years ago added adults with Parkinson’s Disease, when a number of adult Parkinson’s patients broke their own barriers by successfully crossing the strait. 

              The swim challenge pioneers the use of water therapy to treat disease and continues to grow, adding more swimmers, more sponsors and raising more money each year. 

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Congratulations to all of the swimmers for completing the 7th Annual TSC on July 20, 2022.  Thanks for all of the support and look forward to seeing everyone at our next event! 

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